Want to build a house—Do I really need an Architect, an Interior Designer, and a Landscape Architect?



Understanding the importance of an Architect-led design team.


I’m often asked why so many design professionals are needed to build a house. I believe it’s critical to the success of any project to have an Architect-led design team consisting of an architect, interior designer, and landscape architect. In fact, I feel so strongly about this that I’ve incorporated the building and coordination of an Architect-led design team into our standard process. 





If you think of the architect as a sort of general practitioner, it follows that an interior designer and landscape architect can be thought of as specialists. Could your general practitioner fix a knee problem? Sure, but an orthopedic surgeon would offer a much better prognosis.


So, please read on as I’d like to help you understand.


Each design professional brings their own skill set to the project, with separate training and knowledge. Few people realize how complicated it can be to build a house. The Architect-led design team works collaboratively to develop the project and is able to bring a deeper level of expertise to the build. This process also allows you to have the most control over your build. Communication and processes are streamlined and we have found that this keeps our clients happy.  


I’d like to go a little further and explain the roles of the design team. The architect is generally tasked with the overall vision for the project. He has general expertise in the design of the project and the production of deliverables. The interior designer is the best person to help you select furniture and fixtures. And, the Landscape Architect designs the outdoor space enhancing natural beauty and can provide environmental benefits. Each member of the team has their own specialty or niche.


My goal is to bring your vision to reality, with efficiency,  joy, advocacy, and attention to detail. I believe that an Architect-led design team allows for this outcome. More “design eyes” result in a deeper understanding of your goals, it allows for more client interaction and a broader avenue for solutions that all work together.






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