Do I really need an architect?

Architects are licensed professionals, they have completed university programs and lengthy internships, and have passed a series of rigorous exams. Their training covers many areas, ranging from landscape design to structural engineering. This diversity means that architects can see many possibilities, they can take your visions and desires and find appropriate solutions for your new home.

What exactlly does an architect do?

An architect is a professional who is specifically trained and licensed to work on the planning and design of buildings. The facets of an architect’s role are as varied and fascinating as their work; these are professionals who lead the process of creating functional spaces, from concept and design to a full realization of those designs.

How do I find the right architect?

There are many places to find architects, but the most important thing is to find an architect that you feel can be a collaborative partner, building a home is a process between you and your architect. You will want to enjoy this, so make sure you like the person you will be working with, every architect has an unique personality, individual style and approach. If you find the right architect, building a home can be one of the great joys in life. It is critical to find an architect who makes you feel comfortable, and with whom you can have open communication. It’s also important to find an architect with experience in your project type. The design website Houzz has an architect finder that can serve as an important first step in your search; you should also seek recommendations from those you know who’ve worked with an architect previously.

What does AIA stand for after an architects name?

You’ll often see the initials “AIA” after an architect’s name. This indicates membership in the American Institute of Architects. The AIA has a long history of requiring that its members adhere to the highest ethical standards.

Does it costs more to use an architect when building a new home?

While it’s true that architects’ fees are an additional project cost, hiring an architect can actually save you money in many ways. Architects can monitor your budget and negotiate to get the best materials and workmanship at a good price. An architect’s design can reduce energy and maintenance costs, and provide an efficient layout so that you don’t overbuild what you really need. They can turn a difficult lot into a successful building site. And they spend time planning and fully developing your ideas to avoid changes once construction is underway.