We are proud to be featured, but even prouder to design a house that you can call home. 


 Wildcat Estates| 2022

Jay is collaborating with the team on the design process for Wildcat Estates, one of Austin’s finest residential communities.

The estates at Wildcat started with a vision to build an architecturally significant place, a happy place with lots of space and lots to do for families, a place where families never have to leave. The estates were specially designed for today’s high-performance lifestyle.



View of Crestway Residence by Jay Corder Architect
Mid-Century Home Magazine logo


A Modern Home with a Decidedly Midcentury Vibe

In North Austin, Texas, sits an area that abounds with classic midcentury modern design alongside some fantastic scenery.

Jay was excited by the ‘vibe’ and saw great potential when first assessing this project.

HOME Design & Decor | Dec 2021/ Jan 2022


The Kennelwood residence was featured in the winter edition of HOME Design and Decor magazine.



Cover of Home Magazine

Custom Builder | Summer 2021

This remodeled vacation home was featured in the summer issue of Custom Builder and was originally designed by The Texas icon, the late Franch Welch. The homeowners asked Jay to update and modernize the property.




 Austin Home Magazine | 2021

Our Horseshoe Bay Lake Home has been recognized as one of the Incredible Waterfront Dwellings and Ultra-Cool Boat Houses in the Summer 2021 Edition of Austin Home Magazine.


Austin Home Magazine Cover

Port Aransas South Jetty | 2021

Corder said he wants to design more in Port Aransas.

“Growing up there, I had a very specific vibe I grew up in in the ‘80s,” he said. “Unfortunately, a lot of what I’d say are more iconic kinds of looks of Port Aransas were lost in the hurricane. But I have a very specific idea of the sort of design aesthetic, if there is one in Port Aransas, that has sort of gone away. It’s sad. I’d like the opportunity at some point to reinterpret that in a more modern way.”


 Austin Home Magazine | 2020

With every home build, Architect Jay Corder has to take the property location into consideration before he commits to a design.

This can be challenging, but Jay met this head-on and the results are nothing short of spectacular.


Austin Home Magazine Fall 2020 Cover
High on Modern Villas Cover

High on Modern Villas | 2020

Jay was one of the thirty-eight architects from Europe and the USA featured in this book.

Over 100 modern villas, present a broad spectrum of work with plenty of space for inspiration.



Austin Home | Spring Issue

HGTV | Bang for Your Buck

The HGTV network show features three homeowners from the same city who have renovated the same room of the house using the same budget. After viewing the makeovers, designers and appraisers determine who made sound investment decisions.

In this episode, experts looked at three $55,000 great-room renovations in Austin. We are proud to say that Jay won the challenge. Watch the short video.

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