De-clutter to Re-think

The stay-at-home orders have given most of us more time at home. We are a society used to being on the go; this is not easy. By now, you've probably binged Netflix, played all your board games, baked cookies, and your dog is exhausted from all the walks.


The walls may start to feel like they are closing in around you. You wonder if you should have built or bought a bigger house.   


Many of our clients come to us with the desire to add square footage to their homes. And in many cases, that is prescribed. But the first thing we recommend is to De-clutter to Re-think. Often, we find that clients who engage in this simple little exercise find better equity both emotionally and fiscally as a result.


So, what do I mean by De-clutter to Re-think? 


Am I suggesting you, Marie Kondo, your home? No! But there's no doubt that a lot of people have benefitted from her series. (If you don't know what talking about, you can binge-watch her show on Netflix.) 


Apply some of the strategies. Look at your house through fresh eyes, as if you are seeing it for the first time. Contemplate your space. Your home environment will affect your state of mind, your physical health, and even your creativity and productivity. Remove furniture, knick-knacks, and clutter. This process helps to eliminate both literal and figurative clutter.


Once you de-clutter, you can re-think. We find this often leads to an entirely new discussion about your actual needs.

With a cleaner slate and now that I can see it again...

  • What can I do with this room that just days ago seemed a useless repository?
  • How can I now use this formal dining room that was once a stage-set? 
  • Where is the beauty in this space, and how can I amplify that?
  • How do I bring joy back into living in this house daily?
  • What solutions are now available that were not visible before?


Our goals here are simple: we work with our clients to eliminate what I call "visual noise" and imagine what is possible. Through this process, we find we can offer much better solutions that resonate with our clients' design sensibilities and their pocketbooks. Fall back in love with your home. You can work what exists and revitalize the soul of your home.


De-clutter to Re-think

You've got the time, and I am here to walk you through it.