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An Inside Peek – Working from Home

Unprecedented is a word we are all hearing a lot lately and to be honest, I can’t think of a better one. We are all having to rethink our lives in the midst of COVID-19. Working remotely is part of this “new normal” for many of us. Here at Jay Corder Architect, we have shifted to working at home. Take an inside peek at how we have made the transition and how our established processes have helped make this run smoother.


Psychological research shows that the human mind struggles to understand nonlinear relationships. Our brain wants to make simple straight lines and in most situations, this serves us well. 


But, not in our case. Architectural design is not a linear experience and this can present some challenges for clients who have not been through the build process or are working with an architect for the first time. 


As an architect, I am in the service industry.  I provide a service to design buildings, usually residential homes for my clients. In order to succeed, we have to put a big focus on client satisfaction. I’m not just talking about the final outcome, but about the entire journey. It includes many phases and is definitely not linear. 


So, how do we manage this? A big part of what we do at JCA is relational. We’ve built a process that allows our clients to feel connected. A process where they can engage and interact at the right pace, make decisions and feel like they are being listened to. In this current “new normal”, we like so many others are working remotely and to my surprise, it is running smoothly. 

There are several nuances to this so I encourage you all to reach out to me directly for more information.

In the meantime, look at our website “Free Resources“ page.

We are making use of video conferencing and while it can seem challenging at first, if Kindergarteners are able to do it, I think we can too. 


We are using ArchiCAD, an interactive three-dimensional model software to experience a photorealistic visualization to supplement plan conversations. This creates an extremely solid footing for critical design discussion. It is truly unbelievable, you really have to see it, to understand this amazing technology. You can download the application and live with the design.  

Look at https://www.jaycorder.com/on-the-boards/ to see video rendering of the exterior of a home.


Technology aside, our primary tool for communicating designs and ideas to our clients is to reinforce both our process and service-oriented business model.  For all of our meetings, we set clear goals and expectations and have been able to effectively communicate our ideas and solutions even while working at home.


Whether you believe this season in life is a blizzard, a winter, or an ice age there is no escaping the permanent effect this will have on so many businesses.  Our hope is that our ability to communicate tangibly with the process we’ve developed and the tools we use will allow us to evolve and work effectively under multiple circumstances.


Stay Home & Stay Safe!