Remodeled Kitchen by Jay Corder Architect

Thinking about Remodeling? Here are tips to get you started!

Love It or List It is a home design TV show currently airing on HGTV. The show's concept is about couples who aren't loving their home for a variety of reasons. In most cases, the couple is split on whether they remodel and stay in their home and or sell and find a new home that better meets their needs. Interior designer Hilary Farr and real estate agent David Visentin are the two professionals who star in this show. Hilary always believes that she can work magic with the desires and budget. David thinks that finding a new home for the couple is the best route. At the conclusion of the show, the couple must make a decision about their home—Love It or List It. 


Kitchen before remodel Remodeled Kitchen by Jay Corder Architect



  • Build a team of contractors and designers that are highly qualified and that you TRUST. 
  • Find a contractor that specializes in remodeling. It's a different approach, and typically, companies that do this type of work are better poised to provide you with a realistic schedule and budget.



At Jay Corder Architect, we pride ourselves on our work and our client relationships. Our goal is to get to know you well enough to understand and interpret your particular needs. We have developed a systematic process to ensure that you have the necessary information early to help you understand the costs and viability of the project. We work with you to build a team, including the GC, interior designer, and other necessary professionals. 



Living Room View before Remodel Remodel of Austin, TX Residence



  • Set a budget. 
  • Know that additional costs can occur due to inadequate infrastructure (e.g., electrical service, old plumbing, etc.)


We always do an ancillary cost outline for our clients. It helps to understand things that might be required in order to make the simplest addition or remodel viable. We usually recommend a contingency allowance of up to 7% for this. Our ability to use BIM 3-D modeling helps to give a realistic range of costs to help define the budget earlier in the process.



Pool View before remodel Backyard view after Remodel by Jay Corder Architect



  • Have clear expectations for all parties involved.
  • Know that Administrative parameters can cause delays. (Dealing with the City and permitting.) 
    • How much buildable area remains on-site?
    • Are there deed restrictions that could affect your plan and goals?
    • Are there easements that create additional complexity that, in turn, affects the cost?
  • Regardless of the time, it will feel long when your living space is torn up. It helps to have an alternative place to stay during the remodel, even for the smallest project. It can be hard to live with the ups and downs of any remodel on a daily basis.


We always start any project with the Site Feasibility Study that outlines all known limitations to give our clients a sort of "go/no-go" reference so that we don't dive in and do a bunch of work that isn't viable.

If your remodel is done correctly, your equity in the project should be fully realized. In Austin, it's the only reasonable solution for many folks because of increased labor costs and real estate values. 

If you are still thinking about Loving your home, we'd be happy to talk about it. 



Jay Corder



High Oak Residence by Jay Corder Architect
Modern Bathroom designed by Jay Corder Architect

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