Real Estate Agent Benefits for Developing a Relationship with an Architect

The relationship between a realtor and one or several architects is an often overlooked yet potentially highly beneficial tool. While both disciplines are highly specialized each is poised to enhance the knowledge and client bases of the other to form a unique team able to set itself apart in a competitive market.  


The Benefits:

First and foremost, Architects are problem solvers- many listings need proper vision to lead prospective buyers; others may have limited but very high upside pathways for improvement. In either case, architects are perfectly poised to provide that vision or discern the required path in a package with innate equity, high client satisfaction, and creative compatibility.

Architects are a consistent and reciprocal source of pre-qualified leads-architects often have clients with no pre-existing parcel or residence.


Architects provide a knowledge base that dovetails seamlessly into the sales process via:

  • Site feasibility studies
  • General knowledge of neighborhood “comps” which reinforces the buyer’s trust in your relationship.
  • General knowledge of the neighborhood overlays or restrictions and related processes and pathways to building or remodeling.
  • Mastery knowledge of local governing bodies that may limit or more restrictively direct improvements e.g. impervious cover requirements, floor-to-area ratio requirements, and general massing requirements.



  • It is mutually beneficial to both the realtor and the architect to develop a long-term relationship.  Research the talent base in your area and determine which architects best fit your market sector. Reach out.
  • Most architects love the act of simply “doing the work”.  I love generating concept plans “on spec” to provide vision for potential buyers and it’s a great source of marketing for my firm.  
  • Find architects that place a high value on the architect-client relationship.  On the whole, most architects in the high-end residential sector bring high levels of talent and ability. However, not all value the service end of the practice and too often push an agenda.  Look for architects with low ego and high commitment to service.
  • Architects love to share information. Don’t be shy about doing the same no matter how small the detail may be.
  • Once you’ve found the right professionals use them! You may find that a potential listing that appears risky or challenging may actually provide a higher upside with an architect attached.


Examples of a fully realized architect-realtor relationship:

  • Conceptual concept plans-either for a proposed remodel and addition or new construction scope-for use in marketing your listing or listings.
  • Free on site consultation for prospective buyers to provide initial vision and to begin to break down the process beyond the purchase of the lot among other things.
  • Presentations to your agency on the role of the architect in the overall process and how it can be directly beneficial at the outset of any listing agreement.
  • Professional feedback and assessment of listings regarding highest and best use of an existing residence and/or of a lot for new construction.
  • Coordination with a general contractor to provide estimates for potential work to a listing.


Architects are generally approachable and eager to help. Find those that fit your market sector, reach out, and form a bond. You will be glad you did.

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