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Client Communication


Architects are known for using complicated speech, jargons, and industry-related terminology. I have to admit that I sometimes fall into this mode. Our education and design-training teach us to use drawings, renderings, and visual elements to speak for us.


From initial contact to completed construction, quite a bit of communication must take place. So the success of any project depends on excellent communication between all parties involved. Miscommunication often creates misunderstanding and unclear expectations. All of which can lead to further disputes resulting in loss of time, money, and energy.


At Jay Corder Architect, we make it our priority to focus on client communications. We use a variety of media, means, and methods to meet all different communication styles. From collaborating on a written project outline to reviewing imagery to three-dimensional modeling, our process is rooted squarely in the act of practical, clear discourse.  It makes sense that we start with a preliminary questionnaire. It’s a starter conversation, and while it certainly does not replace a phone conversation or a face-to-face meeting, this information helps us learn about the client’s expectations, goals, and dreams. It serves as a great tool to help determine if this relationship will be a good fit for parties involved.


Our goal is to design a home that looks great, feels even better, and makes you happy to come home.




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