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Who should I hire First?

Architect or General Contractor: Who should I hire first?

  This makes me think about the causality dilemma, “Which came first: the chicken or the egg?” “Chicken-and-egg” is a metaphoric adjective describing situations where it is not clear which of two events should be considered the cause and which should be considered the effect.   An Architect plans, designs, and reviews the construction of…

Jay Corder News-Real Estate

Real Estate Agent Benefits for Developing a Relationship with an Architect

The relationship between a realtor and one or several architects is an often overlooked yet potentially highly beneficial tool. While both disciplines are highly specialized each is poised to enhance the knowledge and client bases of the other to form a unique team able to set itself apart in a competitive market.     The…

Architectural Renderings Blog Image

Architectural Renderings – They’re More than Just a Pretty Face

  In my practice, I lean heavily on architectural renderings for a number of reasons.   Yes-They are cool to look at!   Yes-Clients love them!     But most importantly, they are an integral design tool in finding balance between the visual, material, and financial aspects of an architectural project.    For many years,…